Temporary Deposit with a higher rate.

Sberbank announced the opening of profitable new consumer contributions with the higher rate for all customers. The contribution of “Catch the catch” clients of Sberbank will be able to invest the maximum rate to 7.65% per annum, which is a record for the Bank for the half year.

New contribution “Catch the catch” from Sberbank has increased interest rates in comparison with all the deposits in 2018, including a new year gala promokly. Increase rates on ruble deposits by savings made from 0.15 to 0.60 percentage points.

The contribution of “Catch the catch” is temporary, and it will be available to existing and new customers of the savings Bank until March 31, 2019. The Deposit provides for the investment of money with 5, 12 and 18 months with interest rate from 7.10 to 7.65% per annum.

Minimum Deposit amount: “Catch the catch” — 50 thousand rubles. If you invest the money for 5 months, then the rate will be 7.1 percent per annum. With the contribution for 12 months — 7.5% per annum. If you invest money for a period of 18 months, the rate will be maximum and will amount to 7.65 percent.

Calculation of income on a new contribution “Catch the catch” available on a special page of the official website of Sberbank.

Source: Sberbank.


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