But need the time to invest money at a record rate.

Sberbank announced the launch of profitable new pronouced “Record”, which became the most profitable in 2018. The range of rates on the Deposit reaches of 7.15%, which is significantly higher than on conventional Bank deposits. Pronouced “Record” will be open for customers only until November 30, 2018.

From mid-October “Sberbank” opened a temporary plan of Deposit “Record”. Customers of the Bank can invest the sums from 50 thousand rubles for the term from 7 months to 1.5 years. The minimum rate of contribution is 6.5% and a maximum of 7.15%. The rate depends on the amount and the chosen term of Deposit.

Clients of Sberbank can open the contribution “Record” in all branches of the Bank. In addition, pronouced available in remote service channels.

It is important to note that the contribution of “Record” is promotional. Can be redeemed until November 30, 2018. Then the contributions will cease to be available, but the money invested, of course, will continue to accumulate until the end of the selected period.

In “Sberbank” stressed that the rate on the Deposit “Record” really is a record for the Bank in 2018. Thus, the contribution fully justifies its name.

Source: Sberbank.


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