Sberbank has launched in 42 cities of Russia project on the use of a new application for instant contactless payment with your smartphone “Pay-QR”. “The goal of this project is to provide convenient to use new payment technologies using QR-codes for clients-individuals and cheap tool receiving payment for small business”, — stated in the message of the credit organization.

The Bank stressed that with the QR code information is read immediately, and error in data entry is completely eliminated. To pay enough to open the app and count the individual QR code of the seller with the special sticker (to the seller it makes sense to place the sticker application in a conspicuous place for customers). Payment is made with a credit card, which the user strapped into the app, there you can add multiple Bank cards of any Bank.

“Using the app simplifies the process for cardholders and allow small businesses and individual entrepreneurs that do not use merchant acquiring, increase klientopotok! no extra installation costs of the equipment”, — stated in the release, “Sberbank”.

Contactless payment with your smartphone is available without NFC, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and for small business “Pay-QR” — is the ability to accept payment card without the installation of a payment terminal, enclosed in the savings Bank.

There assure that the service meets all standard safety requirements: all data stored on the smartphone and on a secure server. User identity is established by fingerprint, the biometrics of the person or the code.

The city, which has a new service release of the savings Bank are not listed.

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