Experience is not necessary.

In October 2018, a Russian “yellow” mass media spread the information that Sberbank plans to introduce a tax on money transfers from Bank cards. It was reported that the Bank intends to take from 4 to 6% for each transfer, regardless of, a customer of the Bank is the beneficiary. Of course, this info has nothing to do with reality, but the press service of “Sberbank” still felt obliged to clarify the situation.

“Sberbank” will not impose any tax on remittances from 1 January 2019. Such information is spreading, “yellow” news sources, who are thus trying to attract users.

Despite the absurdity of such rumors, many people believe them. As a result, incorrect information starts continues to spread, including in social networks. Fire is added to oil bullies, messengers, who perform mass distribution of the mythical tax. Fortunately, in fact, no tax is entered.

Thus, clients of “Sberbank” no need to worry about changes to the rules of translation from one card to another. The Commission on transfers is not entered.


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