Translate bonus in rubles.

From October 17, 2018, Sberbank has provided its customers the opportunity to exchange bonus points “Thank you” for real money. Before the bonuses could not be converted into rubles — they can be spent only on certain services of the Bank and the partners who cooperate with Sberbank.

In the early summer of 2018, the President of Sberbank German Gref said that soon, the customers will have the opportunity to exchange the bonus “Thank you” for rubles. Today it became known that the Bank kept his promise. However, to redeem your reward points “Thank you” for real money will not all.

To exchange the points for rubles only the most active card users who have a privilege level of “More than thank you.” To achieve such a level, performing various tasks for three months. For example, you want to save on debit cards an average of 10 000 rubles. Of the tasks quite simple. One of them involves making a payment using a smartphone or a smart watch via payment system Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay or.

If you have reached this level of privilege, then you open the possibility of sharing bonus “Thank you” for rubles. This can be done on the website or in the official mobile app of the program. The conversion of bonuses into rubles can take up to seven working days.

The exchange rate of bonus rubles 50 kopecks for 1 bonus. Note that many clients of Sberbank will definitely be unhappy with such a course, since the scrapping bonus “Thank you” when you purchase 1 bonus equal 1 ruble. However, these are the rules set in the Bank. Also in the “savings Bank” stated that customers will be able to transfer a maximum of 10 000 rubles in bonuses every month.

Source: Sberbank.


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