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Sberbank announced the start of mass collection of biometric data of their customers, of course, optional. Before the end of 2018, the possibility of granting the Bank of templates, face and voice will appear not less than 20% of offices of Sberbank. Is it worth it to take advantage of the unique option “savings” and provide their biometric data?

Why take the biometric data?

What will benefit the clients of Sberbank, which will hand over their biometric data — namely, the pattern of faces and voices? The main advantage is the ability to use the majority of services of the Bank and different state institutions with no physical presence. This means that the client “savings” will not have access to the necessary government offices and sit in the queue to receive another “paper”.

In addition, biometrics is the most reliable form of protection of data of Bank customers from fraud. Biometric scans are impossible to counterfeit, and therefore the probability of cracking is minimized.

Is it safe?

In “Sberbank” emphasize that the biometric data of the clients will be stored under the most reliable protection. Data will be transmitted over an encrypted channel to a Single system of identification and authentication and stored in protected storage “Rostelecom”.

However, storing the collected data will not be performed at the level of state secrets, as requested by many professionals. Not long ago, the Central Bank officially declared that the storage of data in such conditions is impossible.

What information do I need to take and where?

Sberbank begins to take biometric data in their offices. Until the end of 2018 there will be 20% of the Bank’s offices across the country. What, however, is not specified. In this regard, customers will need to find a Bank with an available option of biometric data. Until the end of 2019 it will appear in all the branches of “Sberbank”.

Initially, biometric data is necessary to register in the Unified system of identification and authentication. Then you need to take the templates of faces and voices in one of the offices of “Sberbank”. Shortly after this the client be available to new benefits.


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