A pleasant change!

Deposits in rubles became more profitable for all clients of “Sberbank”. From mid-October 2018 Sberbank raised rates on all deposits in connection with the latest trends of the market. The maximum increase rate is 0.5 p. p.

The increase in interest rates on deposits “savings” associated with the decision of the Central Bank to raise the key rate. In addition to the changes affected by recent market trends — other banks have also raised Deposit rates. About it told the official representative of Sberbank Natalia alymova.

In mid-October 2018 rates were increased on all relevant deposits line of “Sberbank”. The minimum bid increment is equal to a Maximum of 0.15 p. p. — 0.5 p. p. After the introduction of changes the range of rates ranged from 3.4 percent to 5.15%.

All deposits have already been updated on the official website of “Sberbank”. They are available to all customers of the Bank. Also see more detailed information on current contributions in the application “Sberbank Online”.

Source: Sberbank.


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