Temporary best action from “Sberbank”.

“Sberbank” has made all its customers the best offer. In the shares of Sberbank everyone can arrange special gold debit card under special conditions. The use of such cards allows you to return up to 5% of purchase cost as a bonus “Thank you”.

Gold card from “savings” — how to arrange on favorable terms

Sberbank has temporarily offered to customers making debit gold card with special conditions. Shares of the state Bank, the annual maintenance of the card costs to customers two times cheaper. “Sberbank” offers the card to pay the first year of service with a discount of 1,500 rubles.

This means that a year of using the gold card will cost 1500 rubles. From the second year onwards the share will no longer operate and the services you will need to pay the usual fee — 3 000 rubles.

The main feature of the gold debit card of Sberbank is that up to 5% of all purchases is returned to the clients as a bonus “Thank you”. Customers can spend the bonus on other purchases or various discounts that can really reach 99%. Calculator calculations of possible bonuses from Sberbank available on the official website of the Bank.

Source: Sberbank.


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