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A new method of fraud against clients of Sberbank will be used extensively in 2019, said the Chairman of Board of Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov. According to him, the fraudsters will begin to make calls to the clients of Sberbank using a robot to fake the voice.

Kuznetsov said that the attackers can tamper with the votes with the help of technology. They will call the clients of Sberbank using fake votes, thereby introducing potential victims confused and lulling their vigilance. Kuznetsov stressed that the scheme is not required that one man imitated the voice of another. Fake voice is performed by the computer.

He also gave an example of the technology of counterfeiting of voices, including recording dialogue in which people with an ideal voice actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky asked the interviewee five billion rubles. The voice on the recording was identical to the present.

The Chairman of the Bank said that Sberbank has already developed measures to protect against such fraud.

Earlier, Sberbank launched a new consumer best contribution with a record rate for the last year and a half.

Source: RIA.


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