A team of researchers from Cisco Talos discovered the website checkrain [.] com which masquerades as the official site checkra1n to download the jailbreak. However, malicious website checkrain encourages visitors to download the app, which pushes on dangerous ads and installs video games for iOS.

Fake page checkrain loaded slot game called “POP! Slots”, which prompts the user to use the app for seven days to ensure the work of the jailbreak. Therefore, the user throughout the gaming process makes unnecessary interaction, providing additional income to the criminals. At the same time, it seems, is being installed this checkra1n.

Recall, it’s only been a few weeks since then as security researcher under the pseudonym axi0mX published, according to him, a powerful jailbreak working on all iOS devices ranging from iPhone 4s based on A5 chip and ending with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X on the base. The newer models of Apple chips A12 and A13 are not affected. Vulnerability Checkm8 is a unpatched vulnerability in the Apple Bootrom (SecureROM), the exploitation of which is done by the tool ipwndfu open source. Exploitation of the vulnerability allows better control of the device, and to bypass some security measures designed to protect against intruders.

Jailbreak is a process that is carried out on the iOS devices and allows you to open the software full access to the file system of the mobile device. It allows you to expand the capabilities of the gadget, for example, to install third-party software that is not provided in the App Store.

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