The ingenuity of swindlers knows no bounds.

It is no secret that scammers are constantly evolving and coming up with new ways of cheating the Russians. Under a special sight of the intruders, the clients of Sberbank, as in Russia they do a lot. One of the clients of Sberbank, spoke about the new method of fraud in which unknown attackers tried to steal money from his credit card.

The client of the savings Bank shared the story about the attempted theft of his card on the Internet. Just an hour in his opinion responded to other customers of the Bank who confessed that they had committed a similar attack. This suggests that this method is often used.

The essence of the method

Fraudsters ring up customers of the savings Bank claiming to be from support of the Bank and report suspicious transactions on their accounts. Such calls are not new, however, further actions of the attackers were non-standard.

First and foremost, fraudsters surely have called full name of the client, thereby lull the victim. They then suggested the client to go through rapid identification, which will verify your identity and to block suspicious transactions from the card. To do this, the fraudsters transferred the victim to a robotic system, which, according to the attackers, automatically will determine account and block all questionable transactions.

When the customer agrees, the employee support instantly translated it into “robot” that robotic voice asked him to say the number of the contract for the completion of the identification procedure. Fraudsters have recorded this message from the “robot” in advance, in order to confuse their victims and to ensure that they believe in a conversation with real support and the problems encountered with the card.

New fraudulent method provides that the victim will tell “the robot” with your personal data. However, it should be noted that a Bank customer who shared his story online, just realized that it says fraud and did not disclose any personal data.

What Sberbank does with such scams? The struggle is active, but since the scams are becoming more to keep track of all, of course, impossible. All the numbers from which you received calls from scammers should be reported in real support of Sberbank. Specialists of the Bank very quickly and eventually block them.


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