The explosive growth of the activity of a telephone banking Scam that phoned to the victims, represented by the security service of your Bank, report suspicious activity with your card and step by step pull your personal information and money. Only on my phone for the last week and called three times. The last call we have been waiting for.

A typical day before air. Leading big “News” at 20:00 Ernest Mackevicius, as always, prepared to release. Suddenly his cell phone rang: “Ernest Gedrevich, Hello! Our officer explained that visible activity on your card and fraudulent”.

Our colleague, of course, immediately understood his interlocutors fraudsters.

“This was the third call in a week and so I was that is called, ready. Very often, when we do reports, we do not have enough specific stories and specific records of negotiations of scammers from their victims. And that’s lucky,” said Matskyavichyus.

Scammers, called Ernest, it seems, had no idea — they says the one who is not just telling, how to avoid becoming victims of telephone scams.

“Tell the control information code word, remember? — Yes, we have the word “Action”.

The joke at the end of the phone line do not understand. The caller was polite, but persistent, trying to learn the code word and card security code.

When the earnest of the victim he turned into a hunter of scammers, those realizing that Scam failed, after all, decided to tear the mask: “I see that you are normal man, don’t take the time, okay? You did a good job, I did my good job”.

But so cleverly to outwit speculators, turns out not all. Alexander Skuratovich, crooks wrote a TEXT supposedly supposedly someone withdraws money from his card. He called back himself.

“We need to identify that you is really you. We will send you a code that you confirm, we will block. They came in just in online banking by phone number and connect to Apple Pay in 15.04 and 15.16 already gone charge. In two minutes they charged me 270 thousand three payments,” — said the victim.

To expect compensation from the Bank in this case — is not worth it. After all, the client reports all the data to the attackers voluntarily.

“I will tell you. I usually don’t call from the Bank and do not ask any information. And not because I work there in the Central Bank. I mean as a layman. The fact that first, we have to pay attention and ask the question what purpose such a call goes immediately to interrupt him,” — said Dmitry Skobelkin, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia.

Scammers usually don’t know much. Conceived it is only a surname, a name, a patronymic and date of birth. Else on yourself the victim tells herself. Especially when the recipient on the screen of the phone flashed real Bank number.

“By combining the efforts of mobile operators, the police and the banking system, I think we would be this problem could be overcome. But I assure you — this problem is not within the banking system, it is within the system of communication”, — said Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President, Chairman of the Board VTB.

All the experts in one voice say — against any, even ultra-modern and technologically advanced methods of speculators, is one thing, but the main thing is just to be careful and less trusting.

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