Amazing forecast.

By 2050 the mankind will learn to transplant people’s minds into the body of the robot through machine learning, said British scientist-futurologist Ian Pearson. Due to this, people will actually become immortal, but will not be able to fully control his mind. For them it will be done by technology giants Apple and Google.

In its forecast Pearson relies on the rapid development of machine-learning techniques. IT corporations are investing billions of dollars in the research and development of neural networks, finding new applications of machine learning. Including to create full-fledged artificial intelligence.

The scientist believes that the neural network will develop to such an extent that will completely replicate the human mind for use outside the body. On the basis of “copies” of the brain will create a special robot with the most human capabilities.

However, to manage your mind people will not. It will meet the creators of the neural networks that will be Apple and Google. Note that Apple and Google have really shown the greatest interest in machine learning.

Source: TG.


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