It turns out that “smart” electronics is not as straightforward as we thought. A large-scale study revealed that this type of technology often creates more problems than it solves. Experts northeastern University and Imperial College London, the study analyzed 81 model smart electronics, including televisions, speakers, and doorbells Google, Apple, LG, Amazon and other world famous companies.

As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the vast majority of devices transmit personal information about the owner to third parties. As an example, given that almost all TVs pass on Netflix the interests of the audience, even if the user is not connected to their service. Moreover, the devices transmit IP address, MAC address, and the most frequent usage scenario and geolocation. There were cases when the unit could retain and transfer data from cameras and microphones.

”The wide variety of Internet-connected devices in people’s homes could potentially disclose information about consumers to third parties. Our article represents the beginning of a long-awaited study, which will allow consumers to better understand and control the information provided by their smart devices,” commented study author David Choffnes.

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