Today the display is protected from scratches using Corning Gorilla Glass is the de facto standard. I mean, Yes, there are Chinese manufacturers, whose names we don’t even know, using strange technology when producing their own glass. But if you take more or less civilized part of the market, then all players use the achievements of the company Corning. But did you know that if not for the perfectionism of Steve jobs, we could use smartphones with plastic screens?

So, at the presentation of the first iPhone in 2007 from the scene showed a machine whose screen was made of plastic. However the very next day after the event, Steve complained to Jeff Williams, chief operating officer at Apple, that he spent with a smartphone, only a day and he has the whole screen is covered with scratches. Then the head of Apple was asked to replace the screen in the device on the glass.

“I don’t know how we’ll do it, but when he [the iPhone] will be released in June, it will be with glass,” said Steve jobs operating officer of the company. According to Williams, this was followed by a week of discussions technology at the level of research and development. But in the end Apple and Corning have teamed up together and went through the most hellish months in its history, and to be on time. In the end, the iPhone has a screen made of protected glass, and Corning began their long and fruitful cooperation with Apple.

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