American equipment engineer Apple was accused by the U.S. of stealing the secrets of an Autonomous vehicle for the Chinese company, which is the second such incident since July.

The company found that Jiang Chen, who was hired in 2018, took pictures in a secret workspace and uploaded 2000 files, including manuals and schematics for the project robocar, according to the complaint in Federal court in San Francisco.

Prosecutors said that Apple believes the disclosures “extremely destructive”.

In response to the complaint, Chen had not informed Apple that has applied for a job in the Chinese Autonomous car company. This month he informed Apple that it intends to go to China to visit her sick father.

In July, another Apple employee accused of stealing information about the project robocar the iPhone maker, which will be provided by the Chinese competitor.

Apple is working on a project for Autonomous vehicles for several years. It started around 2015 with the objective of developing electric vehicle with all-wheel drive to compete with Tesla.

In 2016, Apple has reduced the project scope by focusing almost exclusively on the development of basic software and hardware, which could end up powering a vehicle with Autonomous control, regardless of whether it designed by Apple or its partner.

This year under new management hired from Tesla, the company shut down the project, moving a couple hundred employees of Autonomous teams of software developers in other groups on artificial intelligence within the company.

According to the latest case of theft, Apple has about 1,200 employees working on the project of an Autonomous vehicle, known as Project Titan.

An Apple representative did not respond to a request for comment on the case of Chen. Attorney Chen also did not respond to requests by phone and email for comment.

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