On YouTube has posted 11 videos that reflect the internal processes of Apple iPhone repair and MacBook. About it reports The Verge.

According to the newspaper, the author of the leak was user Arman Haji (Haji Arman). At the time of publication of this material all videos were removed.

The Verge notes that Apple has not responded to the question of the authenticity of the video, but “they look real”: on the records, you notice the tools that are made exclusively for American corporations.

The newspaper suggested that Apple is now “angry”, as corporations have always struggled with the repair device from a third party. Apple is interested in selling their own repair services and wants to encourage customers to buy new devices, says The Verge.

Apple sells spare parts for the gadgets only to authorized partners. In these service centers to buy items at fixed prices, and make contributions to Apple.

In April of this year, the iPhone 8 has complained that after replacing the screens in the third-party service centers, their phone stopped reacting to touch. Problem was fixed in iOS update 11.3.1, but Apple advised me to repair the smartphones only in authorized centers.


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