It revealed the developer.

Last year it became clear that the company NSO Group learned to hack iPhone. Moreover, it began to sell the possibility of password hacking the US government and other countries interested in gaining access to smartphones criminals. Today it became known that the method of hacking the iPhone was “merged” into the Network.

A unique method of breaking passwords on the iPhone, which does not know even Apple, has unveiled one of the employees of the NSO Group. He retained the source code for backdoors to hack the iPhone, and then decided to sell it.

The developer has placed an ad about selling a method on an authoritative resource hacker on the darknet. The results of the secret way he asked the impressive sum of $ 50 million. Despite the price, the method found several buyers, one of which was represented by the Israeli authorities.

Whether there was a completed transaction or not is not known. Employee of the NSO Group was caught. He seized all the company’s intellectual property. According to the NSO Group, secret method of hacking the iPhone was not transferred to anyone. However, many experts do not rule out the possibility that the company just glossed over the “drain” unique method for third-party developers.


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