Twitter users questioned the fairness of the study, which States that “the most successful people in the world” I get up at four in the morning. Microblogger subjected him to criticism and examples to prove that not everyone who gets up so early, successful.

The debate erupted after the publication of Inc. magazine Her personal coach Marcel Svantes (Marcel Schwantes) told you how to start your day to boost your own productivity. “Most successful people begin their day at four in the morning. If you don’t like it, you can still start your morning with these daily rituals,” he advised, Svantes, listing rules of the morning routine. According to him, earlier awakening practiced by the head of Apple Tim cook, co-founder Ellevest Sally Krawcheck, senior Manager of merchandising and working with the customers of Department store chain Kohl’s, Michelle Gass and CEO of Virgin America David Cush.

Readers Inc. have any questions for the author of the material and social media Manager Inc. “Except, perhaps, Tim cook, none of the people mentioned in this article cannot be considered to be one of the most successful in the world,” said a journalist Nathaniel silver (Nate Silver).

Users began to Troll the author, showing that they, too, can easily be counted among the most successful people in the world. “I usually get up to pee about four o’clock in the morning. Does that count?” — asks one of readers. “I Wake up at four in the morning, because my shift starts at five. Still waiting for that “success”. If success doesn’t look like $ 38 in my checking account” — ironically Alex Poston (Alex Poston) from Kansas.

The discussion was joined by the parents of the babies, declaring themselves the most successful as properly Wake up at four in the morning, to calm their babies.

“What if your definition of “success” includes “not to get up at four in the morning?”” — removed voltage, a Turkish journalist the Belgian Ebiri (Bilge Ebiri). His response went viral.

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