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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation published on the official website of security recommendations for banks when handling and storing our biometric personal data. And he also suggested that banks temporarily not to take fees for money transfers by phone number to other banks!

The guys from Webguru learned skills catalogue Alice to tell us how we can help your business to grow using new technologies.

A good overview of the differences between Apple Pay and Google Pay. How do they work? What to pay faster? Where what are the advantages and disadvantages?

74% of Russian banks are not ready to resist to hacker attacks! However, the insights of Group-IB, and the banks themselves with this statement strongly disagree. What’s going on and whether our money?

Great site Denis from Moscow, which says “cashback”. Keep collecting material about the cashback from mobile operators, for example!

Compare digital services in Russia with other countries, the UN study. Looking ahead, the text volume, 300 pages: “the Nations of the world need to rethink the management model taking into account the basic principles of research for the period up to 2030 and the need for more responsive and inclusive service”.

Forbes named the most expensive company in the Russian segment of the Internet. First place was taken by “Yandex” (cost is $10.7 billion). On the second line Mail.Ru Group (us$5.3), the third — Avito (us$3.8).

Financial institutions believe that digital channels, personal Finance management — personal account on the website or mobile app — to help users of the financial literacy services to manage your money.

“AK bars Bank” talks about the case studies on the implementation of block chain technology in banking: “Innovative way of development the Bank considers part of the strategic vision.”

They say that banks should not be afraid of FINTECH start-UPS (FinTech) and tech giants (BigTech), which can become serious competitors. How do you think?

The future of Finance in conjunction with bloccano and cryptocurrency is very promising. Here, for example, Forklog offers a brief overview of some (eight pieces) FINTECH applications that support cryptocurrency.

Experts “Kaspersky Lab” conducted a study that showed that the payment cryptocurrency is lagging behind the popularity of paying by credit card, or even PayPal.

Ivan Boytsov (Mail.Ru for business) has prepared a manual for corporate officers on how to avoid popular scams traps and why backups and cloud resources are still “in service”.

Interesting materialets about acclaimed ICO BitTorrent on the site Binance Launchpad: after a break of a year-long platform again begins to work and plans to issue at least one token per month.

Stuff happens

“February 1 friend 45 years old. You have to leave all the money and even a brokerage account. No call, no word. Just lock the personal account and card. Require to bring a new document in any office” — that’s the story happened with one user and could happen to you, if you did not change your passport, friends!

“Alfa-Bank” again in the center of the scandal! This time an employee of the Bank leaked photo of the client in General chat, and one of the participants in this Chitika took and posted a PD client in Instagram, and even the signature did not the literary. A client told about it by a Tree. The Bank began an internal investigation.

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