A future without wires is close.

Apple no longer puts in the box to new iPhone adapter Lightning-to-mini Jack. According to the included iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone and iPhone Xr on the company’s website, the models come with a range of accessories in which there is no adapter to connect wired headphones.

All iPhone models released after the iPhone 7, has only one combined port to Lightning. It is used to charge the device, connect to computer and operate your compatible headset EarPods. To date, the iPhone was supplied with a special adapter Lightning-to-3.5 mm plug — this is the most wired headphones. In the box with the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Xr Max iPhone this adapter will not.

Apple not only ceased to match the new iPhone adapter for wired headphones. Today the company’s official website disappeared iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE — latest smartphones with 3.5 mm Jack. it looks Like Apple finally made a bid for new technologies and a future without wires.

On September 12, “the Theatre of Steve jobs” hosted the presentation, where journalists and fans of the brand showed a 5.8-inch Phone Xs, 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max, 6.1-inch Xr iPhone and Apple Watch Series 4 with a bigger screen and new features. About all the news from the presentation you can read on our website.


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