In the United States started the investigation in respect of major IT companies. The goal is to find out whether this is deliberate by Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple restrict competition. IT specialist and former contractor for the Facebook Sohrab Gayrat explained why large sharks need to monitor and how to actually undertake innovations in IT and social networks.

The U.S. Department of justice launches an antitrust investigation. Under suspicion of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Officials will check, whether the limit of a large IT-company competition. This was reported in The Guardian.

“In the review of the Department will be addressed widespread concerns that users, enterprises and entrepreneurs expressed respect to the search, social networking and some retail services in the Internet”, — said on the newspaper’s website.

Amazon asked about fees that the company receives from third-party sellers on the platform. Legislators were interested in, does it not create a monopoly. Interviewed executives and Facebook. Professionals interested in the processes of targeting start-UPS that don’t want to sell. In this case, a large company instantly copy their functions and implement their own.

The state is a very right thing to do, says the information security specialist and former contractor for the Facebook Sohrab Gayrat. In his opinion, competent work of the Antimonopoly service will protect the intellectual property of small companies. Because they create innovations that later become big corporations.

Large companies do deliberately stifle competitors

The Sohrab Girlsplaces on information security.

The source of “360” reminded that so there was a bitcoin. According to the Uzbek leader, nobody knows who created the first cryptocurrency. However, this was clearly not a large company. Probably, this is one developer. There web server is nginx, created by Russian developer Igor Sysoev. He worked as a simple administrator at Rambler. Now his baby enjoy free Facebook and “Vkontakte”.

The source of “360” I am confident that the U.S. government will seek to regulate the activities of large companies. Gayrat considers it a big plus.

“I personally see this as a plus. As someone who works in the IT field for many years, I am for this initiative, — said the former contractor Facebook. — The state regulator need it in order to protect small fish, or a company that just went out into the big swim, from large sharks”.

In addition, when large IT-companies are starting to shift their focus to new technologies developed by medium or small companies, it poses a threat to economic stability, said the Uzbek leader. He stressed that small and medium businesses — the backbone of the economy. If we allow the tyranny of large companies, this will kill the economy.

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