To the presentation of Apple remain a month, and that means that the Internet is already wonders what “Apple” the brand has in store for its users this year. “Газета.Ru” gathered five of the most important rumors about new Apple products that will be presented in September.

Holy Trinity

Experts have long predicted the release of three iPhone models — the 5.8-inch OLED display, 6.5-inch OLED display and a 6.1-inch LCD display. It is believed that one of them will be an improved version of the “tens”, the second “big brother” iPhone X with similar specs but a larger screen, and the third is the budget option for those who do not have enough money for expensive models.

In the Internet appeared the video, which shows the so-called future models of the iPhone — all of them have rounded edges and minimal framework at the edge of the display.

Due to the fact that these dummies are non-functional, difficult to see, whether there is at them the famous “unibrow” as the iPhone, but analysts believe that Apple will try to keep similar to the “top ten” design.

In addition, a recognized expert on Apple products Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the appearance of new colors for iPhones — according to him, a line of 2018 will include Golden, grey, white, blue, red, and orange.

The more “in love”, the better

The news about the upcoming iPhone with two SIM-cards has strongly excited the fans of “Apple” technique — after all about this feature users have requested for a long time. The harsh reality was that even in cheap Chinese devices the ability to connect two “simok” provided, but even in the new iPhone X had to settle for only one card.

Now there is serious reason to believe that in September will see the release the iPhone with two SIM-cards. The portal 9to5Mac reported that the code of the iOS operating system 12 contains hints of a new feature.

In particular, we are talking about the phrases “the status of second SIM card and device with two SIM-cards”. Despite the fact that it is not an absolute guarantee of the emergence of dual SIM iPhone, it’s hard to imagine what more the developers need to use such a phrase.

Devices with two SIM-cards are popular among those who often switches between mobile plans (e.g., work and home numbers), a lot of traveling or use the services of multiple providers to save.

Competitive ears

AirPods headphones from Apple found its fans — on the streets you can find a great number of people who prefer this headset.

However, the market of wireless headphones is not limited to only one Apple that understands the head of the company Tim cook. According to rumors, soon the market will be a new version of the AirPods, which finally will present an enhanced noise reduction and moisture protection — features not found in the first version of the headphones.

It is likely that in AirPods will be embedded biometric scanners, as in the Apple Watch that can measure heart rate and other indicators related to the health of the user. It is not excluded that Apple will also release the ear headphones to compete with Bose and Sennheiser brands.

MacBook in every home

And here is the good news for those who are not interested smartphones, but need a new laptop. Experts promise to release a budget version of the MacBook Air, the cost of which will not exceed $1 thousand it is Expected that the screen size of the new device will be 13 inches and the “filling” is quite different from the previous Air models since the release of the latest three years have passed, and so the laptop will get at least an upgraded processor and graphics card.

Additional details of the new release yet, but analysts suggest the presence of a new, more modern design. In any case, with a price tag below a thousand dollars this laptop is definitely will be in demand.

New life for the iPad

While the tablets and has lost its former popularity, Apple clearly intends to breathe new life into them. Became aware of the release of two new iPad with face recognition function Face ID, like the iPhone X.

At least one of the two new iPads will receive scanner person the opportunity to make purchases, Reaffirming their Face ID, and animated Emoji. Screen size will be about 11 inches, while waiting for the advanced OLED-display not necessary — most likely, the company will cost the old LCD.

An important design update will be the absence of mechanical buttons “Home”, which was accompanied by all the iPads throughout their history. Earlier this same button lost the new iPhone X, which almost completely switched to touch control.


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