Samsung continues to advertise Apple’s smartphone. The company has recently released three clips from the Ingenius, dedicated to different functions of the iPhone.

It should be noted that in this time of creation, Samsung are in common with the attempts of the company to advertise your own gadget, which is due out August 9, 2018. Fresh teasers give you hints at what will be Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The ledge

The first movie dedicated to the most memorable dash iPhone X — the ledge under the front camera, also known as “fringe”.

The buyer asked how to watch videos in full screen mode. He noted that the ledge under the Face ID system is still “eats” part of the image and interfere with the review. And in the end of the video in the frame appears a family with strange hairstyles.

Of course, Samsung fails to mention that the Galaxy smartphones are pretty impressive facets on the top and bottom of the screen, which the image seems smaller than on the iPhone X. besides, almost all the owners of the flagship Apple say that they forget about the existence of the ledge in an hour after the start of use.


In this video a girl is trying to learn how to run two iPhone apps simultaneously, arguing that the Samsung Galaxy S9 so her sister can. She also has a multi-tasking manicure, because the Polish can change color depending on the lighting.

Yes, this problem the iPhone has. It is strange that Samsung had to remove five clips, to finally celebrate something worthwhile.

Data storage

A girl can’t find on the iPhone slot for a memory card. The consultant says that it does not exist. And for data storage you can use cloud services. The client believes that it’s uncomfortable. Then the consultant offers to buy a smartphone with built-in storage of a larger size, because it only costs $ 140 more.

First, it is not so. The price difference between the iPhone X 64 GB and 256 GB is about $ 150. But other versions of the flagship Apple simply does not. Secondly, the prices of other iPhone models do not differ so much. Thirdly, to argue that the cloud services or physical media can be infinite.

Personally I didn’t use the card memory for several years. And access files from any device, thanks to iCloud and Google Disk seems very convenient and practical.


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