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Soon to withdraw the cash you will be almost in the doorway,… just Kidding, of course. But banks is obsessed with the expansion of this “network”: the BEAC, the “Riff”, “AK bars”, “Mail”, PSB. They take up projects on cash withdrawals at cash desks of shops.

You know that in 2018, mobile operators raised the fee for SMS-notification for banks? It is logical that the latter decided to reduce this expenditure through push notifications, which, in principle, free. But not so simple as it appeared.

Helpful in light of the news in the past months the article about how to tell customers, employees and partners that you have a data breach.

Incidentally, the “Chrome” and “Firefox” has been added to the new version of the browser for additional user protection from data loss. Simply put, now they warn about the leak of your passwords to the network.

Visa and Mastercard, together with American Express, and Discover enter the system Click to Pay. Now you can pay at the online store in one click. All of a sudden, huh? Apple tensed?

And the USM holding Alisher Usmanov and AliPay have agreed to establish a joint venture in the field of financial services: “In the future all payments AliExpress Russia will be held through the payment of SP, the control in which the Russian shareholders.”

Extremely interesting and useful material about the features of UX design in vintage from Maxim Chan from Cashwagon. Through the interface to increase user loyalty?

TalkBank talks about Finopolis. Went, looked, acted and then talked not only about themselves but about others: “this forum is designated the dominant position of the Central Bank in the market, a lot and often discussed the regulation of Finance. And though all recognize that technology is important, increased pragmatic conservatism became less experiments, but more application deployments”.

On the forum “a Look into the digital future” in Sochi presented the messenger on the domestic platform “Seraphim” — with a built-in system of quick payments!

VC talked with businesses about how technology has transformed their industry: “Point”, ROTEK, Bolt, “Bosnalek”, “Rosgosstrakh Life,” Lamoda Group, Elbrus Bootcamp.

But they say that large banks in several countries have temporarily disabled the support for their mobile applications and Samsung Pay for smartphones Galaxy S10 and Note 10 due to the vulnerabilities of fingerprint recognition.

Meet. CloudTips — service tips by scanning the QR code, which launched CloudPayments and “Tinkoff”. You can create a personal QR and attaching a card. We in the TG-Finveritas have even tested — and it WORKS!


Invest-foresight understands the report from CB Insights: what services and technologies should adopt the banking and financial business today, not to lose a generation of customers-the millennial?

McKinsey said the main threats for banks: the fall in lending, “eating away” of its own capital, competition with fanthom and increase its credibility, including in the form of investment, the low cost of upgrades, etc.

For dessert
“Rocketbank” gives “Tesla”! Seriously, to take part must register for the promotion and spend 42 000 rubles on the map, Rocketbank in the period of the action. Tempting? Especially if the map “rocket” you main!

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