Following France, several European countries plan to impose a tax on the incomes of American Internet giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook. The list can be replenished by Italy, Austria, Spain and the UK, told CNBC.

In July, the French Parliament approved a three percent tax on income of international tech companies with a turnover of more than EUR 750 million, of which at least 25 million the company earns in France.

A new tax decided to spread the activities of the IT giants, from January 2019. It is expected that this year it will bring in Treasury about 200 million euros in 2020 — a further 650 million.

Because of the new tax, US President, Donald trump has threatened to raise the excise tax on French wine.

In 2018 the EU planned to introduce a single tax on the Internet companies, however, this was prevented, in particular, the Netherlands and Ireland.

The UK has offered his version of the tax, which will affect large international corporations of three types. It’s social networking platforms, search engines and trading platform. The bid will be set at 2%. Tax they want to impose from 1 April 2020.

Italy adopted the law on the three-percent tax on digital services in 2017, but he never entered into force. It is expected that the new collection will start to apply from 1 January 2021.

In turn, the Spanish Parliament in February rejected a budget bill that included a three-percent “tax on Google” and the incomes of other Internet giants. Although the tax and could bring additional funds.

Finally, Parliament of Austria in September, is going to discuss the introduction of a five-percent tax on online advertising. The Austrian government is planning to use it to Supplement the budget in the amount of 200 million euros.

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