Last week, Sony reported its quarterly earnings in the financial statements for 2018. According to him the shipment of ps4s for the third quarter of the fiscal year amounted to 8.1 million units, down 900 thousand less than in the same period a year earlier.

Also fell the company’s operating profit — a decline of 14%, which lowered forecasts for the current fiscal year. All this does not remain without attention of investors, because the value of shares of Japanese corporations fell 8.1% in just a day. This is the largest drop in the value of securities in 2015.

The analysts Bloomberg believe that the future situation of products and services, the company will only get worse. PS4 sales fall, other areas do not show jerks. Even the growth in the gaming division of the company has not improved the situation.

The company may still “pull” the total number of PS4 sold 100 million units. This is expected to happen by the middle of this year. By the way, there are problems and others. Apple reported revenue decline for the first time in two years, on the same say, chip manufacturers Intel and NVIDIA.

All we know about the PlayStation 5

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