MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti, Xenia Melnikova. The past year was rich in political scandals. The heads of state arranged a public squabble, got embarrassed, insulted each other and unleashed a trade war. RIA Novosti recalls the most notable political mishaps 2018.

As the allies fell out

In August quarreled Ankara and Washington. This altercation NATO had not yet seen. The Turks accused the Americans that they “shoot in the leg ally”, Washington accused Ankara in a long-term “use US to their advantage”.

Mutual claims have multiplied, none of the parties were not going to concede. But if the United States did not notice the consequences of the sanctions of Ankara, a two-fold increase in duties on Turkish steel and aluminium sent the Lira in free fall: wages in the country depreciated over a matter of hours.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the citizens to get rid of dollars and euros. Major Turkish retailers have stopped taking orders for iPhones and other American high-tech products. Some particularly hot Turkish boys destroyed Apple gadgets with hammers and axes.

The formal reason for the interstate crisis was the arrest of American pastor-Evangelist Andrew Brunson, who has lived in Turkey for over 20 years. Ankara is accusing a priest of having links with the Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen, has categorically refused to extradite him to Washington. American Shine up to 35 years in prison.

Erdogan invited Trump to exchange religious leader living in Pennsylvania gülen. The American President did not agree: he’s not used to him dictating terms. And yet the parties managed to agree: Branson returned to the United States, mutual sanctions lifted.

The effect of a bodyguard

Summer broke large-scale scandal in France, due to illegal actions of Alexander Benalla, a former bodyguard and head of security service of Emmanuel Macron.

It all started with the fact that the newspaper Le Monde has published a video of the protests on 1 may in Paris, showing how Benalla police helmet, which he didn’t have permission — he beats the young man and grabs the neck of the girl.

Benalla was charged with illegal use of force against protesters, abuse of power (he was present at the protests as an observer) and illegal possession of weapons. Sued.

The elysée Palace insisted that the bodyguard was suspended from work. However, as found in the media, Benalla continued to appear in public as part of the presidential guard, and most importantly — was one of those who met the national football team on July 16, won the world championship in Moscow.

The French were puzzled as Benalla took the service at the Elysee Palace on his hard temper and irresponsibility has long been known. Former Minister of economy said that the bodyguard was already dismissed from service, after he tried to flee the scene of an accident.

The reaction of the Makron was unexpected: he criticized journalists for what they “blew scandal”. And received a portion of the accusations against him. “Makron thought that everything will resolve itself, but no one is going to turn a blind eye”, — said the leader of the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The reputation of the head of state really was dealt a serious blow. A rating of Makron, and so had been declining, fell sharply. Soon the country began large-scale protests by “yellow jackets”, further undermining the position of President.

Dancing lady

While the French leader tried to cope with the political crisis, the chair wobbled under Theresa may. The head of the British government was actively criticized for the agreement with the EU Brexit.

However, it has made the front page of Newspapers not only because of political decisions, but also about their awkward dancing. During a visit to South Africa may met danced with her students. The Network has described the choreography is ridiculous and inappropriate, the Prime Minister has compared dancing with a broken robot.

However, some supported it to say: she is trying to at least have a little fun in an atmosphere of acute political controversy.

Did not go unnoticed and another dance mistress of the Prime Minister. At the Congress of conservatives she came on the scene, to the composition of the Swedish group ABBA “Dancing Queen”. First walked, swinging his arms in time to the music, then, standing behind the podium, I couldn’t resist and did a few dance steps.

British journalists relished each case. Went to the premiere and clumsy curtsy before Prince William. The media recalled that as absurd, she welcomed the other members of the Royal family.

Murdered journalist

In early October, the whole world was shocked by the murder of a prominent Saudi journalist and columnist for The Washington Post Jamal Casucci, has repeatedly criticized the government of the Kingdom. To marry a Turkish woman, he needed a certificate of divorce with the same wife he left when she refused to go with him from Saudi Arabia to the United States. The journalist appealed to the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom in America, and from there he was sent to Turkey, to Istanbul.

According to the bride, Jamal was very afraid to go to the Consulate General, however, strangely enough, there he was kindly received and politely asked to return in a week, October 2, at exactly 13:00.

Surveillance cameras recorded, as he, along with the bride drove up to the Embassy and left her to wait near the entrance, entered the building. Never saw him again. Somehow, in this day many of the staff of the Consulate General was an unplanned day off. Only two weeks later, Riyadh admitted that “the journalist accidentally killed”.

Leaked to the media details was terrifying: the body was dismembered. It is assumed that the corpse was dissolved in acid, the remains are still not found. Ankara said that the surgery to remove Casucci involved 15 Saudi agents. Riyadh had to admit that the murder was carefully planned. Turkish authorities accuse of involvement in the crime a Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Donald trump and all
Not without scandals and elections in the American Congress. Republicans and Democrats are daily exchanged accusations. The campaign was named one of the dirtiest in the country’s history.

One of the main political conflicts caused the appointment to the Supreme court of the United States lawyer Brett kavanaugh. After President Donald trump has offered his candidacy against Cavanaugh filed charges of sexual harassment thirty years ago.

A couple of weeks before the vote, the FBI and the US Secret service intercepted 13 envelopes with homemade bombs addressed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, former CIA Director, John Brennan, as well as some other politicians, businessmen and actors. It turned out that the parcel was sent American Caesar Saoc, actively supporting trump.

Another blow to the reputation of the President paid his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is behind the illegal transaction and lies in front of Congress was sentenced to three years in prison. Also he was found guilty of embezzling funds allocated for the presidential campaign of trump, in particular, he paid for the silence of a former pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, claiming now that she had a sexual relationship with trump.

That, in turn, throughout the year, constantly arguing with the media, calling them fake. In October, Politico examined the schedule of trump and came to the conclusion that most of the working day, he is busy with personal matters and not duties of the President. For example, on 23 October, the American leader was scheduled only three hours of working time.

Trump responds dramatically to offenders. Much got the former head of the state Department Rex Tillerson. It turned out that the politician and former diplomat left unhappy with each other. Former Secretary of state in an interview called the President “quite unruly”. According to him, trump does not like to read documents, and do not want to delve into the details.

The President traditionally said on Twitter. Tillerson, in his words, “dumb as a rock”, it was difficult to get rid of. “He’s so damn lazy,” said trump.

Under the hot hand hit the French leader. Disagreements arose after macron suggested the EU to create a European army in contrast to the US, Russia and China. Trump called the idea offensive, reminding the President of France about his low ratings and called first, “to make France great again”, and then to act with such initiatives. And not to forget “to pay for NATO.”

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