Billionaire and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was suddenly in the center of a scandal. No, he didn’t sexually harass employees in the workplace was not seen in the mass discharge of personal data of users and do not develop along with China, the censored version of your project. Still worse, he devoted 18 tweets meditation and journey to exotic Myanmar. What’s the catch? Columnist says the “360”.

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In personal Twitter account Creator platform usually laconic. Like many famous people, he writes very dryly and briefly, choosing his words carefully. But on his birthday, November 19, Dorsey decided to make a gift and went to Myanmar, where he returned a different person. Apparently, shaken by their experiences, he wrote a long series of tweets about his time in this far away corner of South-East Asia.

If a billionaire like last year, left one short message, no one would notice. But this time, Jack, apparently, wanted to talk, and the limitations of its own platform played a trick on him. One tweet is no more than 280 characters, in the story about the trip to Myanmar — nearly 700 words and lots of pictures. A sheet of 18 tweets posted to more than four million readers microblog, ignore it was impossible.

What was so bad tweets Twitter head? The first time claim to discredit a celebrity is not what he wrote but what he forgot to mention.

Forgot about the main thing

Being a big fan of healing practices and mental exercises Dorsey described how within ten days of the journey were practicing Vipassana is a particular meditation that requires a lot of concentration and constant silence. He shared the types of places visited, posted a photo of 117 mosquito bites received during a trance in a cave and said that he meditated in many local monasteries.

“Myanmar is a beautiful country with fun people and great food,” among other things, he noted and advised to visit her to anyone who is willing “to travel a bit”. All anything, but for all his long story, Darcy has never mentioned the situation with a small Rohingya people.

Many UN proven cases of mass murder, torture and rape of civilians, and hundreds of thousands of refugees — is the result of the confrontation of the army and police of Myanmar with the militants in the North-Western region of Rakhine, part of which is inhabited by Muslims rohinga. A number of senior army officers of the country are accused of ethnic cleansing and acts of genocide.

International sanctions against Myanmar, no one entered and the investigation of crimes against humanity on its territory is not carried out in full. However, in neighbouring Bangladesh has one of the world’s largest refugee camps, and in September this year, the government of Myanmar sent to jail two journalists for Reuters, to investigate mass killings of civilians. This decision caused an extremely negative reaction of non-governmental organizations and major media. On Tuesday, December 11, Time Magazine included both reporters among the group of journalists awarded the title “Person of the year” by the publication.

Most likely, Dorsey didn’t even mind that his story about the practice of Vipassana can be linked to genocide, but that is exactly what happened. A number of journalists and human rights defenders publicly criticized the billionaire for the moral “deafness”.

“I’m not an expert in meditation, but it can hardly calm to such an extent that you forget to mention that vacationing in a country where the military is committing mass murder and rape. Because of this of running the country, hundreds of thousands of people, which is the largest humanitarian catastrophe” — here is a typical example of criticism Dorsey. The author is head of the European branch of the Human Rights Watch Andrew Stolin.

The new rules

Dorsey is known, much less the Creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the late Apple founder Steve jobs and even Google developers Sergey Brin. Let his company is among the largest market players of the digital economy — it is difficult to imagine the modern Internet without Twitter — usually all the “bumps” raining down on its competitors.

Almost all the scandals associated with the development of the Internet, affect Google or Facebook. By the way, the social network Zuckerberg was accused in the media, accompanied by the persecution of Rohingya allegedly on this basis, the military of the army of Myanmar has spread aggressive propaganda against minorities.

Twitter users constantly fall into the story. A few days comedian Kevin HART was forced to withdraw from Rodi leading “Oscar” after the publication of ironic tweets almost 10 years ago, which was considered homophobic. But the microblogging service and its main face is usually left on the sidelines.

This can be attributed to his very liberal views. Conservatives and Republicans are often accused Dorsey of indulging their opponents, the conservative blocking of accounts and a “shadow bans” — when only the blogger sees what he writes.

But as long as Dorsey tried to stay out of reach for the public criticism, she had overtaken him. In modern terms, political correctness is total and any entry to social networks can turn into a slur.

Whereas many people take the same Facebook or Twitter account as an outlet and a place where you can write and joke about anything in our time there are “new rules”: any holder of a noticeable Internet audience is forced to remember that he is always in sight. And cause of complaints from other users can be even the words themselves, but their absence.

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