An interesting poll.

70% of single people would prefer to start Dating the iPhone. This became known from a survey conducted by Decluttr.

Experts Decluttr conducted an online survey to find out the preferences of single people. The survey showed that 7 out of 10 single guys and girls would prefer to start seeing iPhone user. 20% admitted that they would like to see as the second half of owners of Android-devices. And only 10% of respondents said that no matter which smartphone people use.

Also, the survey revealed that 65% of iPhone owners still would not refuse to go on a date with a user’s Android smartphone. The owners of Android devices proved to be more picky. Only 45% of users said that going on a date with the owner of the iPhone.

Note that collected by the company Decluttr statistics cannot be projected to the whole world. The survey was conducted online and the sample of users was less than 2,000 people. However, features in the preferences of smartphone users can be traced.

Source: Decluttr.


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