Company Loup Ventures has held a regular annual test, in which were evaluated the effectiveness of the three most popular voice assistants: Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. For the year Siri was better to answer questions on different subjects. However, the Apple voice assistant is still lagging behind Google Assistant.

Only experts Loup Ventures asked the voice assistants 800 questions divided into five major categories: common commands, information queries, navigation, shopping, and issues related to the location.

The highest result shown by Google Assistant. Assistant from Google has answered correctly 92.9% of the queries. The result is Siri – is 83.1% and the Alexa handled 79,8% of the questions. For comparison, last year Apple’s voice assistant answered 79 percent of queries, Google Assistant – 86%, and Alexa – only at 61%.

According to experts, Siri, better cope with the issues associated with the current location (find nearest cafe) and navigation queries (how to get to the city centre by bus). At the same time the information and commercial requests are Apple assistant is not so good.

Also due to the fact that Siri is integrated into iOS, it is better to cope with the activation of the smartphone. For example, to run mail, write a message, play music, make a call to a desired contact, etc.

In General, experts say that voice assistants have been developing quite fast in the coming years, they expect a further expansion of functionality of such assistants.


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