Rise of the machines is getting closer: during the weather forecast on BBC News Apple Watch on the hand of the presenter interrupted him and pointed out the error.

Master talked about the upcoming snowfall in Minneapolis and Denver, USA. However, Siri felt his words wrong, and said that there is no snow is expected. The presenter was justified by the fact that the voice assistant may not understand about a specific location is involved.

In fact, Siri is activated in several ways. The wearer can clamp the scroll wheel Digital Crown and say “Hey, Siri!”. However, Apple Watch Series 3 and later versions can simply bring the device to your face and start to say anything a voice assistant, not calling him in advance.

That’s why Siri worked during the weather forecast. At one point the presenter just raised her hand, so she was near his face.

When you’re a weather presenter and your watch contradicts your forecast…😆 🔊Sound on👇 pic.twitter.com/YXojblKcIQ

— BBC Weather (@bbcweather) on November 28, 2019.

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