Apple begins to make a full update Siri

Apple looking to improve Siri voice assistant. Today it became known that the company began to carry out a strong restructuring unit, responsible for the development of Siri. As part of the restructuring, Apple has removed from the post of leader of the development team of Siri Stasior bill, who was in this position since 2012.

Who led the development team Stasior Siri is currently unknown. Sources say that the change of the head of division would mark a change of course. Stasior led the development of Siri since 2012, having achieved mixed successes.

The initiator of restructuring in the division the development of Siri was John Giannandrea, senior Vice President of Apple’s technologies machine learning and artificial intelligence, who joined Apple recently as April 2018. According to Giannandrea, Apple is required to change the vector of development of Siri and focus on “longer term research”, which can lead to large changes in the voice assistant.

On specific plans to improve Siri. It is not excluded that the first fruits of the new development team of Siri we will see in iOS 13, which will be presented in June 2019.

Source: The Information.


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