Innovation is expected in iOS 13.

Apple is developing an improved version of the voice assistant Siri, which can work without connecting to the Internet. Apple engineers are trying to implement the updated mechanism of Siri, according to which all user requests are handled directly on the iPhone.

Currently, Siri is unable to perform the vast majority of teams without the Internet. Siri handles every user request, translates it to text format and sends it to Apple’s servers as encrypted data. On the server is processing the request and a ready response is sent to the iPhone.

Because of this, iPhone is not have to spend their own resources on time-consuming process of processing voice commands. However, Siri can only work with the active Internet connection. Apple need to fix it.

The company is developing a processing system that is located directly on the iPhone without requiring Internet access. The system consists of modules for speech synthesis, processing, and conversion commands, etc. based system is based on machine learning technology, which Apple wants to achieve a full working Siri without Internet.

It is not excluded that the updated Siri will be part of the next major update iOS 13, which will be released in 2019.



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