Siri finally wised up.

The most stupid virtual assistant for the first time in a long time, surprised. Every such system, based on artificial intelligence, pass an IQ test. They ask about 800 questions in different categories and see how many of those assistants understand and how to respond to you.

First place predictably took Google Assistant. He understood 100% of the questions, commands, and requests. This was 1% more than last year. Of them, he responded correctly on 85.5%. This is 10.2% more than last year.

Siri took second place. She understood 99% of all queries compared to 94% last year. The result is not spectacular, but quite significant. A percentage of the understanding all the more interesting. Voice assistant Apple is able to recognize and correctly respond to 78.5% of the queries compared to 12.6% in 2017. For example, Alex managed to only 61.4%.

At the last place I got Cortana is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Only 52.4% correct answers.

It is unlikely this test was conducted with Russian-speaking Siri, so that users from Russia it, probably, remained the same deaf and underdeveloped.


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