It became known that Apple hires contractors for listening of conversations of users of voice assistant Siri. A former employee of that firm told reporters that quite often contractors will learn confidential information about the owners of Apple devices, for example, the conclusion of doctors, the details of the business transactions and even evidence of sexual contact.

“There are countless examples of recordings of private conversations between doctors and patients, business deals, sexual encounters, and even, it seems, crime”, — writes The Guardian according to the source. These records were accompanied by data about the user’s location and contact information.

According to the source, interact with Siri is sent to a special staff who listen to recordings and evaluate them on a number of indicators. For example, whether the call assistant accidental or intentional, did it answer, etc. All this is done in order to improve the service. Most interesting is that Apple never mentions that the process of recording “live” staff.

The Guardian the company said that it analyzed only a small part of the records. In addition, the analysis of the impersonal record, the Apple ID is not tied to them. Checked less than 1% of daily interactions with a voice assistant.

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