Apple is working on a new feature of voice assistant Siri. The assistant will learn to discuss with the users of health problems.

Along with this, Apple will add Siri built-in machine translation and “support new hardware” for “new device”. Innovation should be available by the release of iOS 15 in the fall of 2021. This became known thanks to the internal documentation of the company.

The developers also intend to make Siri as neutral as possible respond to such sensitive topics as feminism. The guidelines state that the assistant “use caution when working with potentially controversial content.”

Such questions Siri can reject, instead of showing neutral response to the entry about the concept of “feminism” in the “column of knowledge”. Information is taken from Wikipedia and dictionary iPhone, reports The Guardian.

In a statement, Apple said that Siri is committed “to rely on actual data and not to Express opinions.”

Siri is a digital assistant designed to help users to achieve the goal. The team works hard to ensure that the answers Siri was relevant to all clients. Our approach must be based on actual data, and not opinions, — the company said.

Earlier said that Apple has launched a web version of the music Apple Music service. Now she is in early beta testing.

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