At least, Apple is counting on it.

The engineers of the Corporation is already working on how Siri should respond to the statements of different people, and as a voice assistant to handle requests when dealing with them.

The need for such a project came due to the emergence of a new Apple product – HomePod. iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad is designed for individual use. The opposite gadget family who will use everything in the house, so she should be able to recognize the voices of different people and to properly interact with their owners.

For example, if one asks Siri to call my mom, she’ll dial it was his mom, not mother of his wife, for example, set HomePod. This means, a voice assistant must accurately identify the user when he says “Hey Siri” to get a maximum information and to interact with them already with this information.

When Siri will do it cleverly get to know the people around him, is unknown. The corresponding patent application was completed in April 2017, when HomePod was in development. Perhaps this feature will appear in the second generation HomePod.


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