The voice assistant will become smarter.

Siri in the future will be to distinguish the voices of the users and based on that data to perform different actions. This is evidenced by the patent that Apple received this week.

According to AppleInsider, the document describes a method of identifying a user profile using biometric data, e.g., voice. After identification, the voice assistant will be able to perform personalized actions, like read messages or to access photos and videos of a specific user. While one device will support multiple profiles.

Siri will learn to memorize individual words and the overall style of human speech. In addition, to identify plan to use the data about frequently used applications and user contacts. The system applies machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The scheme of user identification. Source: AppleInsider

The greatest benefit of the new feature will bring the owners of a clever column HomePod, which is not able to distinguish between users. Add support for multiple accounts and recognition of speech of different people allows full use of the clever speaker and the owner and his family. While the device works with one Apple ID, and therefore with only one person.

We note that Apple patents many, but not all of them are used in software and hardware products. Hopefully, the recognition of multiple users in Siri yet add.

Source: AppleInsider


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