For several months 13 enviable brides are preparing for one of the major social events of autumn.

Debs, among which the daughters and granddaughters of Russian celebrities fly to try on dresses in Paris, teach movement of the Polonaise, worry and tremble. On November 18 they will have to spin on the floor at the Pashkov House.

Let’s see what do the 13 debutantes ball Tatler this year.
Arina Meladze
16-year-old daughter Valery Meladze and his ex-wife Irene is making its debut at the ball after her sister Inge and Sofia. The girl is studying in the eleventh grade private school “Olymp-plus” in Krylatskoye. Especially loves biology and chemistry.

Arina Meladze. Photo:

At the ball she decided, because all her Boyfriends dad does not approve. According to the honored artist of the Russian Federation, Deputy Arina needs to be “responsible, honest, kind, generous, have a sense of humor.” And Yes, to be able to say “Hello” and “thank you” in Georgian.”
Katherine Boyarsky
Catherine’s grandfather — the national actor and musketeer Mikhail Boyarsky. The debutante wants to connect his life with music, however, has not yet decided how to do it.

But already now knows by heart all the songs of Britney Spears and considers himself the main fan.

Katherine Boyarsky. Photo:
Valeria Evseeva
Seventeen-year-old daughter of businessman Dmitry Evseev wants to follow in the footsteps of the Pope. And while she is the champion of Moscow, Russia and the CIS in figure skating among juniors.

And Valeria is the girl about whom speak: “animal lover”. She loves hanging out with her varia Bichon, Yorkshire Terrier Lawrence and sennenhunden Sam. And this is not the limit of her dreams. Valeria hopes to have at least 10 Pets.

Valeria Evseeva. Photo:
Christina Kesaeva
Christina — pupil of the eleventh class of the Lomonosov school No. 5. Fond of contemporary art. Helps her mother, the President of Stella Art Foundation Stella Kesaeva, the design of exhibitions. Hopes to become an actress, enrolling in GITIS.

Christina Kesaeva. Photo:
Ekaterina Artemyeva
Another girl with the famous family. Her grandfather — the author of the music for the films “Solaris” and “home among strangers, a stranger among his” Eduard Artemyev. Dad is the owner of the label Electroshock Records.

Kate is proud of his acquaintance with Nikita Mikhalkov — another grandfather, and hopes that one day her name will go down in history. Only here hopes not be realized in the work and charity projects.

Ekaterina Artemyeva. Photo:
Maria is one of the most adult debutantes, she’s 20 years old. She lives and studies in new York. Associate their future with photography, however, has loudly declared itself, featuring a collection of dresses and costumes along with the brand Masterpeace by Evgenia Linovich.


Well, parents, Yulia Bordovskih and banker Ivan Broni, strongly contribute to this.
Anastasia Chernomyrdin
Studying at the philosophy faculty of Moscow state University, is proud to be able to fish, and she is a granddaughter of the unforgettable Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Anastasia Chernomyrdin. Photo:

Nastya considers only those candidates for her heart, who is ready to give her Frisian horse… Such a gift of the blond beauty certainly appreciate. After all, she is a passionate fan of horse riding.
Elizaveta Yakovleva
Elizabeth — a particularly serious, cares about the environment and interested in astrophysics… And, does it not only in words, but also the first in his family took over the sorting of garbage.

Elizaveta Yakovleva. Photo:

Her great — grandfather- the national actor of the USSR Arkady Raikin, and the grandfather — the national actor of the USSR Yuri Yakovlev. With such a “statement” it is simply no chance to be less responsible now.
Alexander Giner
15 Alexander — already a star. Together with a group of Girls Cosmos (in the same team the daughter of Grigory Leps — Approx.ed.) the girl took the third place in the Russian chart of Apple Music “Top 100”.

Alexander Giner. Photo:

Plans daughter’s former co-owner of football club CSKA Vadim Giner start to write songs. The creativity bright blonde hopes to combine with the business: she is preparing to enter the school of business at MSU.
Anna Yunusov
Anna is known as the sister of the main star of Black Star — Timati (Timur Yunusov). But she herself is no less interesting personality. Anya wants to promote contemporary Asian art — series “Unit Khvaran” and the films of Kim Ki Duka. Trained at London’s architectural Bureau Charles Brice Architects.

Anna Yunusov. Photo:

At the ball the little sister of rapper hoping to meet interesting and congenial people.
Natalia Gorbunova
Stepfather of Natalia — billionaire Roman Avdeev. Due to the relationship of the girl and received an invitation to the ball. A freshman at the University of Vienna in the direction of International Business Administration.

Natalia Gorbunova. Photo:

Its main advantage considers kindness. While studying in Germany, she helped elementary school children with disabilities, as well as teenage refugees from Syria.
Vasilisa Mikhaylova
“In life nothing is impossible” — with this motto, lives the granddaughter of two-time Olympic champion, captain of USSR national team on hockey Boris Mikhailov.

So said her favorite actress Audrey Hepburn… but that’s for Breakfast at the Tiffany salon at Vasilisy no time, her dream is to graduate with honors from Northwood University in Michigan where she is studying in the third year.

Vasilisa Mikhailov. Photo: Daria Dronova
Another representative of the famous sports dynasty. The granddaughter of two-time Olympic champion in ice hockey legend Valery Kharlamov No17. However, to sport the famous grandfather Daria to teach could not.

Daria Dronova. Photo:
But the Pope carried away in the business. Now 17-year-old hottie dreams about her own business Empire.

And who you liked all of the debutantes?

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