The Ministry of communications has proposed to introduce a new law that would authorize, without a court to restrict websites that justifies extremism. This was reported by “the Media”.

Now Roskomnadzor can without trial to block websites that call for extremism, mass riots and other illegal actions. This was stated in the law 15.3 “On information”.

Now the Ministry digital development, communications and mass communications has decided to go ahead and allow Roskomnadzor to interfere with the functioning of the web sites that decry the work of the Department and protecting convicted of extremism.

According to the representative of the Ministry of communications, the amendment will make it possible to block infringing sites and provide security to Internet users.

Now excuse extremism, terrorism and riots are prohibited, but violation must prove in court. Before a formal decision to block the portal and to restrict the freedom of the offender impossible. If the guilt of the condemned is proved, he faces a fine of up to one million rubles and a prison term of five to seven years.

In such case, in April passed the Telegram messenger. The ruling on the lock out for found messenger calls to extremism and terrorism.


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