The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov has published on its official YouTube channel a statement in which talked about their diets and habits.

“The last 15 years, I don’t drink alcohol, caffeine, meat, drugs and fast food. From the point of view of health it has brought good results: only once during this time I had a fever. The rest of the time I’m not hurt”, — said the head of the messenger.

Durov also said that even more tightened the diet in the past year, forgoing gluten, dairy, eggs and fructose. According to him, it helped him to achieve greater productivity in work and clarity of thought and trained will-power and self-discipline.

Another technique, which is used by the Pavel Durov for the training of the spirit, bathing in the icy water.

“If you ever had to swim in the lake with a thin ice layer on its surface for several minutes, and you’ll procrastinate starting work on boring but important project,” says Durov.

In may, the Creator of the Telegram moved only in fish and seafood, and this month going to try something quite radical — to completely abandon the food.

“I only drink water for the last six it and still feel fine. Because zero consumption of food stimulates the brain, I was able to perform many tasks for work,” said Pavel Durov.

He noted that the ancestors of the hunters was often left without food for a long time, so the human body waiting for him to give a break in the intake of food at least once a year, which allows the digestive system to cleanse and “reboot”.

“That’s why in most religions there is a tradition of fasting — it is safe and necessary for the body and spirit,” — said Durov.

In addition, Durov believes that the period of fasting will give him some fresh ideas for Telegram, which ultimately positively affect all users of messenger.

“The joy of our users and always will be my personal priority,” concluded the head of the company.

The social network was not slow to respond to the revelation Durov.

Pavel Durov decided to amputate the legs for the development of Telegram. In his opinion, so he will be able less leave the computer and more time to devote to his product— CARBON monoxide BOAR Roma Bordunov (@romabordunov) June 6, 2019

Pavel Durov announced that he had moved on to cannibalism for the sake of the Telegram— Dr. Mengele (@Doctor_Mengele) June 7, 2019

Rare photo
Pavel Durov eats— Oleksandr Tarasov (@changa_chunga) June 6, 2019

Earlier in his strange eating habits was seen the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who also, as Pavel Durov, experimenting with diets for a long time.

In April, he spoke about a new mode, which caused wide discussion and criticism in the network — Jack Dorsey eats once a day during the workweek and on weekends and is fast.

“The first time I did so, on the third day I thought I started hallucinating. It was a very strange state. But then I realized what part of our time we dedicate to meals,” quoted Dorsey’s Daily Mail.

Chapter Twitter also said that prolonged fasting allowed him to feel how slowly time flows.

According to Dorsey, this mode allows him “to preserve the sharpness of mind” and “extend” daylight hours. In addition, the nutrition times a day supposedly helps him to more effectively “focus” on the job.

However, users of social networks, optimism Dorsey has not shared and attributed to him a serious illness.

“It seems that Jack Dorsey is a serious eating disorder. Pass a day for five miles [about 8 km away Газета.Ru] and at the same time every day, and on weekends to starve is not a health life hack… It’s a disease,” writes user @CarolineMoss in his Twitter.

The only meal at Dorsey takes place every evening between 18:30 and 21:00. He usually eats fish, chicken or steak with a salad of vegetables, and for dessert Dorsey berries or dark chocolate. He also uses a multivitamin and a “huge amount” of vitamin C.

In addition, Dorsey takes in the morning ice baths, which also stimulate the body from the beginning of the day. According to the head of Twitter if he was able to force myself to get into cold water immediately after a warm bed, he will be able to perform any task.

It is worth mentioning the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, who is known for the personal challenge of 2011, when he decided to eat only those animals which he had killed yourself.

This challenge consisted of meat goats, swine, poultry and also lobster. While Zuckerberg is not only not ashamed of his preferences, but was served the meat of killed animals to your friends and guests.

Special diets are observed and the late Apple CEO Steve jobs — sometimes the food he ate consisted of one or two products that he used during the week, ignoring the others. So, for example, he once ate only apples and carrots.

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