For a start I will make a reservation that our clients are online stores, we provide services for shipping orders and receiving payment from buyers. So in this article I will talk about clients in B2B sphere.

Assistance in maintenance and consulting

When the client knows where to contact in case of any questions, he was more comfortable and easier to make a buying decision. To get help, for example, from Apple, you need to know your Apple ID password to it and bring the gadget to the authorized service center.

We follow this rule of good service and provide free consulting support to our clients at all stages — from the integration of one-stop-shop supplier to implement marketing campaigns.

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Our support team is always happy to give detailed explanations in respect of the goods, and part of IT. For example, in late February we held a two-day training for a team of marketplace Yandex
One of the fundamental disadvantages of dropshipping for online store — the inability to “hold” goods that sell (orders go from the supplier’s warehouse directly to customers, bypassing the store). On-demand online store we pass on the test (overview) the products in our range, so that the store employees were better able to meet them.

Content marketing

Content marketing helps to attract the target audience and hold it with valuable information. Recently in connection with the controversial advertising campaign of a sports brand in social networks, everyone is transplanted from one to another — person, and on the face and on the stool Ikea.

Proper content marketing is necessary not only to catch HYIP, but also to know what interests the customer. The content helps to solve his problems, answer his questions.

His goal is not actually selling and building a trusting relationship.

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Personally, I really like the example of the blog “Modelbank”. This is an example when the business has created quality products and helps the user to understand financial matters. We also work with small businesses and try to share detailed and informative content in newsletters and social media posts.

Conducting of contests and competitions among the customers

The mechanics of the contests is not new, but it works — like all gifts. For the holidays we ship to the online stores interesting products for draws in their audience.

To the world Cup we held a contest in Instagram. The winners received valuable prizes including a 4K TV, the Sony PlayStation and the game disc FIFA 2018. We played 20 soccer balls, 10 sets of official forms the national team of Russia and Souvenirs. Last year on “Black Friday” played three iPhone.

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We are interested in the development of our customers, so we are also competitive mechanics. For example, monthly spend #with sed Challenge for those who have just started to work with us.

The goal is to motivate beginners in the first month to show a compelling result. Two winners will get 20 and 10 thousand rubles for a dropshipping account and for third place we give smart column HP A assistant “Alice”.

Promotions and special offers

The most simple, but nevertheless effective tool — closed promotions, fantastic offers. That is something that will allow you to save the budget.

For example, absolutely any occasion, we’re giving all Dropshippers extra discount (+5% or +10%) on demand group of products. Discount is included during the week prior to the date that the online shopping have time to introduce it to their customers.

Exceptional conditions of service

If you can offer your client premium terms of service — do it. Develop programs for clients with high status.

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We check clients ‘ time and offer more options. For example, if the store is working with us more than six months, it becomes available “quick transfer”.

We paid the store money for orders sent before we receive them from buyers.

The fact is that online stores often experience shortage of working capital associated with the fact that the money sent to the buyers orders back in two to three weeks (and sometimes months depending on region and shipping method).

With those clients who are with us for a long time and has achieved impressive results, we design and other mechanics. For example, doing PR organized media publications.


The formation of community of clients, where to get honorable and pleasant it be, is an important tool. Personal contact is always more effective phone calls and correspondence. We regularly conduct events for customers.

For example, twice a year we hold DropShipping BBQ, where we invite honorable customers, our partners, journalists and bloggers. In addition, we organize meetings with our clients in the office. For example, recently celebrated the registration thousandth customer.

Over 12 years of experience in customer service we understand that customer loyalty is what stimulates new sales affects the company’s reputation and draws in new customers.

Customers need to make friends, to establish and maintain contact with them and continually stimulate the need in you and your service or product. And if you have more than a thousand, then this requires a special Department with the required competencies.

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