According to tradition, during the presentation, Apple didn’t tell you about all the innovations that were made in iOS 13. Cupertinos focused on major innovations. However, as practice shows, among the “hidden” innovation has many useful changes.

A new mechanism for the optimization of the charging process

In cupertinos iOS 13 added a new mechanism that will monitor the way users charge their mobile devices. If the iPhone is often charged throughout the night, the new feature will optimize the charging process so that to reduce the rate of “aging” of the battery.

The mechanism will work is quite simple: up to 80% battery will be charged with normal speed, after which the charging rate will be reduced. In this case, by the time the smartphone will be needed, it is charged to 100%.

If desired, users can disable this option in settings.

The removal of restrictions on downloading apps over the cellular network

Just last week, Apple has raised the limit on downloading apps over the cellular network to 200 MB. However, in iOS 13 cupertinos again revised the restrictions and give users more freedom. Now the system is actually no hard limit on the size of the downloaded applications.

In the settings users can either completely remove all the restrictions or to activate the option where the screen will prompt you to download applications weighing more than 200 MB over the cellular network.


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