Matrix introduced the 2nd generation of smart watches PowerWatch, chargeable under the influence of body heat and solar energy. They are based on thermoelectric technology: a generator device receives heat and then converts it into electricity.

This is due to the use of the temperature difference of the environment and the human body, which is kept at a constant level (36.6 degrees Celsius). Heat passes through the skin, where it can be absorbed by the “smart” watches worn on the wrist.

Unlike PowerWatch 1st generation, the new model installed color 1.2-inch LCD screen that is always on, a GPS tracker and a solar panel that allow to store energy from both indoor and outdoor lighting. The machine is equipped with aluminum housing height of 42 mm and a rubber strap.

Function in hours the simplest: PowerWatch 2 measure steps, distance, calories burned, monitor heart rate and sleep quality. The claimed rate of water-resistance to 200 meters (its predecessor — up to 50 m).

Also the smart watch is compatible with the Health app Apple and Google Fit, so PowerWatch 2 can be used as a fitness tracker that never needs to be charged. But to install applications or make calls, like Apple Watch, the impossible, and support for notifications coming from your smartphone, is very limited.

∎Smart Watch Apple Watch enabled ECG see also

On the Indiegogo platform new you can pre-order for $199. In June of this year, when will start delivery device, the price will increase to $499.

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