MOSCOW, 27 Jun /PRIME/. The Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation wants to require smartphone manufacturers to preinstall the Russian application on the device, exported to Russia, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to sources and the text of the draft amendments.

“The Ministry of communications has returned to the idea of mandatory PE domestic applications sold in Russia smartphones and tablets. The Ministry has developed a draft of amendments to the law on communications”, — writes the edition. As reported by the Federal official newspaper, the project in the coming days needs to be published for public comment.

It is noted that the amendments largely duplicate the project presented in the beginning of the year the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), despite the fact that recently the Ministry of communications has officially expressed skepticism in the effectiveness of such rules is to support local developers. FAS representative confirmed to the newspaper that the service has approved the project of the Ministry of communications. The representative of the Ministry of communications from commenting on the publication refused.

According to the developers, the obligation of producers to deliver to Russia the device with an already installed domestic software, will allow Russian developers to have automatic access to all smartphones and tablets sold in Russia. “The purpose of the amendment is to provide non-discriminatory access of Russian developers on the global market and to ensure the safety of the use of mobile devices”, — follows from the explanatory note to the draft, which refers to the edition.

The newspaper writes that now the domestic application can get a new smartphone only on commercial terms and this only applies to Android-based phones, since Apple is not a stranger presets the software on your technique.

In August 2018, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare a law providing requirements below in smartphones and computers predustanavlivat domestic software products. The document must be prepared by the Ministry of communications and the FAS. In February the Deputy head of FAS Anatoly Golomolzin told RIA Novosti that the service is sent to the Ministry their proposals. Service offered to preinstall browsers, map service, instant messenger and anti-virus software. The choice of software and procedure preset will be for device manufacturers. In April the Minister Konstantin Noskov stated that he sees no urgent need for the initiative at preset the Russian application for imported in Russia smartphones and tablets.

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