23-year-old Cretan, Kigeit was hit in the face the employee store Studio7 a dead iPhone X.

Cidit came into the store where previously purchased a new smartphone, as it failed to add a Face ID. The man claimed that the face scanner in the device not working.

Specialists from the shop tested the unit and found the opposite. The face recognition function worked perfectly. The camera is responsible for scanning, also works fine. Accordingly, previously purchased iPhone X did not need repair. In this regard, the employees of the store were forced to deny the customer a replacement of the smartphone, which caused Kijito a flash of anger.

Despite the fact that workers Studio7 offered Kritanu to send the device for additional diagnostics in the Apple, he attacked the employee of the store.

During the incident the offender will be forced to pay a fine in the amount of $ 150, and also to compensate the victim $ 1,500 for physical injury and moral damage. Before trial, most likely, will not come. Cigit already repented, apologized for the incident and is ready to be punished.


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