I want to believe it.

Chinese company Huawei has used the release of Galaxy Note9to accuse Samsung of “marking time”. In the promotional image, she compared two of its flagship, and promised real innovation in 20 Mate/Mate Pro 20.

The picture shows the smartphone P10 and P20 Plus Pro. Just above is the inscription, hinting at major differences between the two generations of Huawei flagships. If the distinctive feature of P10 Plus was dual camera, P20 Pro camera with three modules and five times zoom.

The transition manufacturer called “real” improvement, in contrast to most smartphone manufacturers. They do a pointless update with no real innovation. In fact, Huawei made a blow for Samsung, whose Galaxy Note9 not much different from Galaxy Note8.

Thus, we can say that smartphones 20 Mate/Mate 20 Pro will set a new standard for flagships and will exceed P20 Pro.

Source: Gizmochina


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