Tastes men and women often do not coincide. Especially in gadgets. But at least one thing in common flavors you can find. Analysts of the company noted that in the online store operator men and women often choose Apple iPhone 7 32GB*.

Women often buy Apple iPhone 7 32GB, Honor 8X 128 GB, Apple iPhone 6s 32GB, Apple iPhone Plus 64GB 8, Honor 8 Lite.

Please be reminded that on March 10 a number of models Apple an additional discount. For example, the benefits when buying a Apple iPhone 64GB XR 4000 rubles. The full conditions of the promotion on the website. An additional nice bonus is the opportunity to purchase gadgets on credit or installments.

The most popular smartphones among men: 32GB Apple iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), Honor 8C, A8, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy J3. The predominance in the Top of the Samsung brand is obvious. Especially for fans of the brand in salons MegaFon operates a lucrative offer for a trade Inu. When selling an old phone in any condition you can get a discount from 4000 rubles when buying a Samsung Galaxy A6, A6+, A7 and the option “Gigatech” with access to 100 movies, and 100 channels on the Megaphone. TV and 100 GB of traffic. Promotion is available to MegaFon subscribers the tariff plans of the line “jump!”. Full details of the offer on the website. **

“Celebration is an opportunity to remind families and friends about their feelings or to admit them. A nice addition to this can be a functional gift like a new smartphone. Every year the demand for this kind of gifts is growing, both among men and women. Therefore, in our stores, there are a number of special promotions that will help you choose the right and useful gift,” added Yulia Danilova, Director of public relations of the Central branch of MegaFon.

On the eve of holidays in all the salons of MegaFon special offers on a wide range of products. On beneficial terms you can buy smartphones, smart watches, video recorders, etc. And fans of online shopping will welcome additional bonuses with the service #Spices. In February and March when you purchase through the service, you can get 30% more cashback than normal. Details on the website.

Full terms and conditions of all existing promotions on the website operator.


* The ranking is compiled based on sales data in the online-shop of MegaFon in the period from 1 October 2018 and January 2019. Region: Central branch.

** The promotion is valid from 04 Feb 2019. on 24 March 2019. for subscribers of tariffs “jump!” (except “open”), subject to payment and connectivity options, “Advance monthly fee is 1500 rubles on the account for 5 months”. The price of the smartphone is out of stock: Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) — 15 990 rubles, and the Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) — 17 990 rubles ; Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) — 19 990 rubles All prices include VAT. The number of items is limited. Promotion may be terminated early if there are no products in the salon. Details on megafon.ru.

***The prices valid at the time of publication of the material.

The Central branch of joint stock company “MegaFon Retail.” Legal address: 603104, Nizhni Novgorod, street Nartova, 6. Bin: 1027809220317.

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