Web developer Daniel Hendrik in his blog told the story of a failed repair. 9 Aug 2019 he brought to the service center from three laptops, two MacBook Pro was beyond repair keyboard-butterfly at the branded program Keyboard Service Program, and the third had to be repaired by a service the AppleCare+. But instead of Troubleshooting in the service center, after gadgets from the owner, the experts stated that can’t repair laptops.

The original cause of failure was the inability to reliably determine whether the non-owner cause of damage. Then, when Hendrik pointed out that problems with the keyboard covered by the warranty, the recognized the Apple, and another computer can be repaired by pre-paid extended warranty, the service center referred to the fact that the gadgets are an avid smoker can cause harm to the health of the employees in the repair staff.

Your failure in carrying out repairs in the service to explain the policy of Apple, as well as documents and regulations of the office for the protection of labor. But it turned out the owner of Apple laptops, they concern only the people employed in the manufacture of tobacco products. However, no documentary evidence that smokers are deprived of warranty products of Apple, the service also not provided.

In the end Hendrik did not repair the equipment, and refused to return it until he signed a document which renounced claims to the service and agreed with his work. Daniel, taking their laptops, believes that Apple engaged in fraud and intends to continue to assert their rights on the warranty repair of gadgets.

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